07Hi!  You clicked on this page.

Perhaps, you are curious about me?  Or, are wondering if working with me is a good fit?

Have you been told you should “Network” to grow your business? Do you find going to events frustrating, overwhelming or a complete waste of your time?  Does networking feel so High School . . . the Popular Girls Are Over There?

I can assure you, networking is an art, a skill and can be learned.

How do I know this?

I had to learn how to network. I learned the hard way.

Networking can be easy. Networking can be fun.

My Story . . .

My first career was Retail Management. I was responsible for taking care of customers once they came into the store. I didn’t have to go out and find customers. I’m not even sure I had heard of “networking” or knew what it meant. Corporate wanted us to follow a script. They even sent secret shoppers to be sure we followed the script.

Not wanting to screw up, I followed the script. I did it very well.

Fast forward to August 1996. I launched my first company, a personal services company called Errands Galore. My first paying client was a referral from my boyfriend. My second was the owner of the print shop that printed my first group of business cards.

I had to learn how to network.

I didn’t know networking involves writing my own script.

I was terrified of speaking in public.

I had humungous knots in my stomach when it was my turn to speak. I wanted to hide.

I secretly prayed “Oops, sorry. We ran out of time. We’ll get to you next week.”

While researching Errands Galore, I learned helping with registration is a good way to meet people.

As I attended networking functions, I volunteered to help with registration. Not because it was a good way to meet people.  I helped with registration because it gave me something to do during the mix and mingle portion of the meeting.  I could follow the script.

“Hello.” “Welcome.” “Here’s your name badge.” “You can place your items over there.”

I’d rather stand at the registration table and talk about the event than talk about myself or God forbid my business.

Why? I was comfortable following the script, someone else’s script.

I was happy to talk about my business when someone asked me a direct question.

I had to give my 30 second introduction at many of these events.

I had this fear of being gonged, booed, laughed or forced off the stage. I visualized old I Love Lucy reruns when Ricky used a giant HOOK to pull Lucy off stage.

Picture that hook. It was huge, enormous! I knew it was going to attack me when it was my turn to speak!

I kept my 30 seconds to 30 seconds and sometimes less.

I am blessed the artist who designed my 2nd set of business cards helped me craft a memorable tag line. I would wave my magic wand and say “Save Time, Let Lisa Stand in Line.”

The first 20 to 25 seconds . . . don’t ask. I’m pretty sure I said my name. I probably said something about the types of things I could help with. Truth be told, I don’t remember.

What I do remember is the FEAR, that unsettled feeling, nightmares of the Giant HOOK attacking me!

Back then, I didn’t know how to write my own script, a script about me and how I help busy professionals. I didn’t know how to use this script to develop relationships, have conversations with potential clients and grow my business.

Over the years, I learned. I noticed what other people were doing. I saw what works. I saw what doesn’t.

Being able to follow a script has benefits. In my case, excelling at registration was a blessing. It led me to what I am doing today.

I learned to write my own script. I can help you write your script.

My Bio

Lisa E. Platt combined her experience in customer service, administration and coaching to create Business Networking Made Simple. She knows Networking, that when mastered, can create amazing opportunities. She can help you write your own script, a script that works, a script that will help you reach your networking goals.

With 20 years’ experience, Lisa has worked on both sides of the table. She has extensive experience with managing networking organizations while at the same time representing her small business.

Lisa teaches accomplished professionals how to expand their sphere of influence by communicating with intention.

She also helps individuals and small businesses clearly identify their message and understand how business networking connects to one’s marketing. She understands the importance of relationship building and how this can help one make money.

In addition to Business Networking Made Simple, Lisa is the proud owner of the West Valley Women Networking Association, a top rated networking organization for women in the greater Phoenix area, The List, Phoenix Business Journal, June 2020.

She also has a passion for integrative medicine and assists the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA).

  • Credentials:
    CEO & President, West Valley Women, top rated networking organization.
    Chief Connections Officer, Business Networking Made Simple.
    Author, Your Personal Guide to Networking.
    Certified Coach, certification from International Master Coach Patricia Noel Drain.
    Distinguished Toastmaster.
    Expertise in business relationship building including 20+ years working in the networking industry.