About Lisa Platt

I am a networking coach and an introvert. I know what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. I also know networking is an art, a skill and can be learned. You can read my networking story on the About Lisa page. I am the proud owner of West Valley Women, a women's networking group in the greater Phoenix area. I am a certified coach, entrepreneur, small business owner, author of Your Personal Guide to Networking, and a Distinguished Toastmaster. I have 20 years’ experience with managing successful networking organizations while at the same time representing my business. I've seen what works and what doesn’t. I can help you master the art of business networking.
Be Bold. Be Strong. Be You!

Learn to Network “Your Way” with your Personalized VIP Day

Everyone is talking about the new decade and new opportunities. Did you set for goals for 2020? I did. And, one of them was to continue working through my shyness to create a more successful business. You already know that I successfully help introverts navigate the world of networking and business opportunities. Know why? Because [...]

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Know Your Key Words

Attending different types of events expands one's opportunity to connect and build relationships with others. Knowing how to introduce yourself clearly and concisely is a key element of one's networking plan.  When you have 30 seconds to a minute, it's easy to articulate your message. Having less than 30 seconds can sometimes be challenging. While representing [...]

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5 Secrets to Successful Networking™ Webinar Replay

The 5 Secrets to Successful Networking™ Webinar is perfect for those new to networking or who feel a tad shy or uncomfortable when networking.  Learning these 5 tips will help one feel prepared and help ease the pain of networking. Click here to watch.

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New to Networking? What Can I Do?

Networking can be scary especially for first time attendees. It can feel extremely intimidating for Introverts. What if?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . List every frightening thought. What if . . . Nobody speaks to me. I say something stupid. I have to stand in [...]

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Successful Networking

What is Success? Success means different things to many people. One might define success as the number in one’s bank account. Others may define success as feeling happy most of the time. Darius Foroux’s article talks about prioritizing to feel successful. One does not need to sacrifice to achieve success. One need to prioritize their [...]

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How Programming Influences Our Ability to Network

Coach Lisa I recently introduced a new theme Wellness Wednesday in the Networking for Introverts Facebook Group. It’s designed to celebrate what is going well, to celebrate a success one has had during the week. I introduced Wellness Wednesday simply because we often focus on the one thing, that mistake, that oops, and [...]

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Does “Why Not Me or You” Always Motivate?

I thank the SmartFem Summit for the inspiration for today's blog.  I greatly appreciate I only heard  (those dreaded words) “Why Not Me” a few times. “Why Not Me?” I am so glad you asked. I am grateful to share why those dreaded words do not work for me. Coach Lisa Perhaps, this [...]

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Why Attend?? Know Your Why (part 2)

Being clear and specific, or Know Your Purpose, is the 2nd Secret of the 5 Secrets of Successful Networking™. Why attend can be for any number of reasons. Here are a few of my favorites. Coach Lisa Lisa's Favorite Reasons to Attend • Make new connections. • Meet a specific person. • Required [...]

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Know Your Why When Networking

Know Your Purpose - or being very clear on Why you are attending is the 2nd Secret of the 5 Secrets of Successful Networking™.  Knowing your why can help remove that feeling of pressure when one attends events. "I have to do this!!! I have to do that!!! What if no one will talk to [...]

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When Our Inner “Shooting Star” Shines Through

I recently saw this graphic on Facebook. Although I don’t know the original author, it was shared from “Highly Abundant.” I began to wonder; how often do we really step out of our comfort zone? What happens when we do? The answer to “how often” depends on many variables. Going deep, doing research, forming a [...]

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