Build a Supportive Network

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"Nobody can grow their business all on their own, you need a strong network to help make it happen."  Leon Goren, President and CEO, PEO Leadership, In Business Magazine.Having a supportive network is incredibly helpful [...]

Inspiring Thoughts to Start Your Week

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"I am where I am and where I am is okay." Abraham-Hicks "I am where I am" is one of my favorite quotes. Each week I share favorite quotes in my Helping Sensitive Introverts Network [...]

Imagine Connecting with Confidence

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Imagine looking forward to your next virtual networking event. Imagine the networking experience - it felt good to you.  Networking is a process that when mastered creates amazing opportunities. How would things change if networking felt good [...]

Opportunities to Network Exist in a Virtual World

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Virtual meetings haven't changed the principals of networking.  Similar to the principals of marketing, the principals of networking are here to stay. How we show up is what has changed.  We now exchange our contact [...]

Networking Can Be Easy

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“Networking is a waste of time.” If your belief is truly “networking is a waste of time,” it then becomes a waste of time.  What you think about you create. How many times have you [...]

Invite, Don’t Tag, Me to Your Group Events

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You are hosting the world's best masterclass providing information that will profoundly positively impact or change someone's life.  You want to invite the world.  The members of your social media group are your ideal clients.  [...]