Learn to Network “Your Way” with your Personalized VIP Day

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Everyone is talking about the new decade and new opportunities. Did you set for goals for 2020? I did. And, one of them was to continue working through my shyness to create a more successful [...]

Know Your Key Words

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Attending different types of events expands one's opportunity to connect and build relationships with others. Knowing how to introduce yourself clearly and concisely is a key element of one's networking plan.  When you have 30 seconds [...]

5 Secrets to Successful Networking™ Webinar Replay

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The 5 Secrets to Successful Networking™ Webinar is perfect for those new to networking or who feel a tad shy or uncomfortable when networking.  Learning these 5 tips will help one feel prepared and help [...]

New to Networking? What Can I Do?

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Networking can be scary especially for first time attendees. It can feel extremely intimidating for Introverts. What if?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . List every [...]

Successful Networking

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What is Success? Success means different things to many people. One might define success as the number in one’s bank account. Others may define success as feeling happy most of the time. Darius Foroux’s article [...]

How Programming Influences Our Ability to Network

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Coach Lisa I recently introduced a new theme Wellness Wednesday in the Networking for Introverts Facebook Group. It’s designed to celebrate what is going well, to celebrate a success one has had during [...]