Positive Aspects of Virtual Meetings

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Virtual meetings are like in-person ones as each has its unique personality. If the format of one Zoom call does not work for you, try others. You might find one that is the perfect fit.

“Do What Makes Your Soul Shine” Why Mindset Matters

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Like many of you, I have been watching movies while sheltering in place.  I prefer lighter feel good movies.  Mamma Mia and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again are two of my favorites.  Every so [...]

How Introverts Can Connect Online

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I understand showing up in general is difficult for Introverts and possibly more challenging for highly sensitive Introverts. I also know we are navigating uncharted waters and most everything feels different. Change in and of itself is challenging. When it’s thrown against us as if we crashed suddenly into a brick way . . . “What can we do to survive??” Participating or showing up on Zoom Calls or in Social Media Groups is a great way to keep your name in front of others. Zoom Calls and Groups are a great way for Introverts to connect with others. The benefits are numerous.

Three Things to do Today to Create an Online Presence

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1) Find groups and pages that are of interest to you. Like their page. Join their group. 2) Your member-based organization probably has an online presence. Look for them on Facebook. Join the Group. Like [...]

The Value of Connections and Love

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Yesterday, I wanted to write an article about the Value of Connections and the importance of staying in touch.  I wanted to share the good that came from twice moving an in-person networking breakfast to [...]

Networking Pro Tips (part 2)

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Networking Pro Tips Part 1 - click here to read. Have you asked someone for their business card?  Their reply, "Oops, sorry. I forgot to bring them."  Always carry business cards.  You never know who you [...]