Communicate with Intention

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Learn to Connect with Confidence Communicate with Intention is a coaching program designed to help introverted sensitive professionals gain skills and the confidence they need to build a business that supports their vision and the [...]

Opportunities to Network Exist in a Virtual World

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Virtual meetings haven't changed the principals of networking.  Similar to the principals of marketing, the principals of networking are here to stay. How we show up is what has changed.  We now exchange our contact [...]

Networking Can Be Easy

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“Networking is a waste of time.  I hate networking” If your belief is truly “networking is a waste of time,” networking then becomes a waste of time.  What you think about you create. What if [...]

Invite, Don’t Tag, Me to Your Group Events

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You are hosting the world's best masterclass providing information that will profoundly positively impact or change someone's life.  You want to invite the world.  The members of your social media group are your ideal clients.  [...]

Say YES to Introductions that Work

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Say YES to Introductions that Work and NO to Elevator Speeches. Networking is not a competition for the best speaker or best comedian awards.  It is not “Hello my name is Lisa.  I sell pink [...]

The Magic Power of Words

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Do you feel inspired to journal?  You put your pen to paper then stare at a blank page.  Before “I should, OMG or Why didn’t I” shows up, write these three sentences. I Am. I [...]