Inspiring Thoughts to Start Your Week

"I am where I am and where I am is okay." Abraham-Hicks "I am where I am" is one of my favorite quotes. Each week I share favorite quotes in my Inspiring Thoughts to Start Your Week newsletter. Click here to subscribe. "When things change inside you, things change around you."  Unkown. "I am always [...]

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Imagine Connecting with Confidence

Imagine looking forward to your next virtual networking event. Imagine the networking experience - it felt good to you.  Networking is a process that when mastered creates amazing opportunities. How would things change if networking felt good to you? Today, I’m offering the ultimate experience for self-love, clear goals, and gentle, tactical plans so you can be [...]

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Opportunities to Network Exist in a Virtual World

Virtual meetings haven't changed the principals of networking.  Similar to the principals of marketing, the principals of networking are here to stay. How we show up is what has changed.  We now exchange our contact information in the Zoom Chat instead of physically exchanging business cards.  Events are held virtually.  Many are held via Zoom [...]

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Networking Can Be Easy

“Networking is a waste of time.  I hate networking” If your belief is truly “networking is a waste of time,” networking then becomes a waste of time.  What you think about you create. What if you told yourself ‘Networking can be easy? It is an art, a skill and can be learned?” How many times [...]

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Invite, Don’t Tag, Me to Your Group Events

You are hosting the world's best masterclass providing information that will profoundly positively impact or change someone's life.  You want to invite the world.  The members of your social media group are your ideal clients.  You want them to attend.  You want to be sure they know how fabulous you are. Because you are fabulous [...]

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Connecting Online: Mirror ‘the Back of the Room’ Experience

How to re-create or mirror ‘the back of the room’ experience. Today, many of us are presenting talks via Zoom.  While it is easy to share one’s PowerPoint and expertise, it is not always easy to connect with the audience.  Many speakers are finding it difficult to mirror the experience of connecting one on one [...]

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Successful Networking

What is Success? Success means different things to many people. One might define success as the number in one’s bank account. Others may define success as feeling happy most of the time. Darius Foroux’s article talks about prioritizing to feel successful. One does not need to sacrifice to achieve success. One need to prioritize their [...]

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What to Do. . . When You Go to Network and Your Body Says NO!!!

I love sharing inspiration and affirmations in the Networking for Introverts Facebook Group. I feel happy knowing one quote can inspire or help a member. A quote by Louise Hay spoke to me on several levels.  “ I respect my boundaries and insist that others respect them, too.” I work with introverted, sensitive professionals and [...]

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Opportunities Exist When Least Expected

Be Prepared. Opportunities Exist When Least Expected. Many networking functions focus around the concept, “Hello, my name is _____ and I can help you with ____.  I am looking for ____.“ It is easy to prepare for these types of events. What happens when you are outside a networking function? Opportunities exist when least expected. [...]

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How did this Shy, Observant, Highly Sensitive Introvert Learn to Network?

How did this shy, observant, highly sensitive introvert become the owner of a successful top rated fabulously fun women’s networking organization? Networking did not come naturally to me. I can assure you, in the early years, I hated it. I didn’t know how to “talk to people.” In the lunch line, I could say “oh, [...]

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