Think of your 30 second introduction as a mini speech.  It is composed of 3 sections, Opening, Middle and Close.

The opening is your introduction.  “Hello, I’m Lisa Platt from West Valley Women.”

The middle is your content.  “West Valley Women is a locally owned networking organization.  We’re in our 12th year of fostering business connections, networking opportunities and friendships for women in the greater West Valley.  Join us August 23 for the SW Valley Breakfast and September 5 for our Spotlight our Members Luncheon.  Learn more, visit”

The close is how you finish your introduction.  “West Valley Women, where one can experience the Art of Networking.”

If you don’t have a tag line, simply close by stating your name and company name.

There are variations as to how one may organize their introduction.  Some people like to open with a question, say their name, then share content.  “Did you know summer is bug season?  I’m Lisa with Lisa Pest Control.  At Lisa Pest Control, we help you get rid of those unwanted visitors. Lisa Pest Control, where we eliminate those pesky pests, one pest at a time.”  Disclaimer, I am not in the bug elimination business.

If you are new to networking or struggle with what to say, follow this simple guideline.

Open by saying your name and company name.   Close by saying your name and company name.  This takes about 3 seconds each and leaves about 24 seconds for content.

For content, tell us something about your company.  You may wish to

  • Share your company’s mission or purpose.
    Share how you can help.
    Share a problem you can solve.
    Tell us about an upcoming event, new product or promotion.

When it’s your turn to speak, stand up.  Pause for a second and take control of the audience.  Wait for the audience to finish clapping or reacting to the person who spoke prior to you before you begin talking.

By following these guidelines, you will be prepared and feel less stress when it is your turn to give your introduction.

To your success,

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