We all know someone who lights the world up with their smile.

Some who is described as
“Her smile is contagious.”
“I love how she made others feel welcome.”
“She lit the world up with her smile.”
“I will miss her sense of humor.”

I recently attended a Celebration of Life for said friend. Colleagues from far and near all used the same words when describing our friend. We loved and admired her for who she was – Her Authentic Self.

We loved, admired and respected her for who she was, her contributions. She didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t.

People respond to us when we are ourselves, when we let our light shine through. Or, as my friend Jeffrey Hattrick says, “Live your light out loud.”

Being our authentic selves is the best thing we bring with us when we go to network.

Have you ever tried to emulate something someone did, something that worked for them? When you tried it? Epic fail. I have. It simply didn’t work because it wasn’t right for me.

People respond to us because they like and respect us. At the end of the day, people do business with people they like and trust.

It’s important to approach networking in a way that works for you. Introverted, sensitive professionals tend to approach things differently than others. I know I do.

If you need help learning to network your way, in a way that works for you, let’s talk. Let’s have a conversation. I can help you feel more peaceful when networking. Enrollment is now open for the upcoming Networking for Introverts Group Program. You can read about it here.

J.D., you lit the world up with your smile. Thank you for your inspiration and all you taught me.