If you follow my blog, you’ve heard me mention today’s tip before, “Always Carry Business Cards. Make it Easy for Someone to Reach You.”

I frequently receive inspiration for things to write from the events I attend. The gentle reminder to always carry business cards was inspired from an event I recently attended. I was in line waiting to check in. Two first time attendees stood behind me. One said to the other, “I guess I should have brought my business cards.” I wanted to shout, “YES, YOU SHOULD!” I didn’t. Instead, I talked about the event, letting them know what to expect.

Always Carry Business Cards.

And. . .

Make it Easy for Someone to Reach You.

Include your current contact information including your email address.

If you have lots of cards that don’t include your contact information, here’s a quick fix. Print your contact info on address labels then place the labels on the back of your cards.

Networking is building relationships. Make it easy for one to connect with you.


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