Networking is relationship building. 

Sometimes being out there, meeting new people, building relationships can feel daunting and challenging especially for introverts.

Many introverts understand this and say to themselves, “I get the concept, but I’m an introvert. How can I feel comfortable being out there building relationships?”

Volunteering or becoming involved in a shared interest is one-way introverts can build relationships.

That shared interest, something I care about, opens the door to conversations. It allows for conversations to happen organically. When conversations flow naturally, people get to know each other in a non-intimidating way.

“OMG, how cute is that dog!!” is a perfect conversation starter. Chances are you are sharing your thoughts with another animal lover. That common bond, the love of animals, brings people together. It then becomes easy to build relationships.

You might be saying, “Lisa, this is all good. I love animals and am happy to help puppies find new homes, but, how is that going to help me grow my business?”

You are correct in that the people you are volunteering with may not be your ideal clients. Showing up at a shared interest is a step or a couple steps away from “Hello, my name is ___ and I do ___.”

BUT . . .

They might know someone who is.

When they get to know you, they will feel comfortable referring you. In the process, you’ve helped serve your community.

Understanding the value of social connections is the 4th secret of The 5 Secrets to Successful Networking™.

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