My favorite Olympic Moment Is watching athletes be true to themselves. Some perform in sports where scores are combined. They perform one, two or three times and the top combined scores determine who receive medals.

I love the athletes who basically say “screw it” to the negative commentary on their first performance. They chose not to worry about the scoring, the competition, or the negative rhetoric “you’re in 6th place and suck.”

Instead, they chose to OWN their Olympic moment.

They chose to perform for themselves. They came from the heart and embraced the love and joy they have for their sport. And, earned Top Scores by doing so.

Some make it to the podium while others do not. All will be remembered for going for it, coming from the heart and doing their very best.

What joy do you have for the work that you do?

Embrace it and own it.

Know that networking is more than “hello, my name is, and I do.” Networking is relationship building.

Networking is not a competition.  It is an art, a skill and can be learned.  It doesn’t matter what the person before you, after you or across the room says.

Let your confidence shine through when networking and own your networking experience!

If you feel shy or stuck, these affirmations will help.

“I am a confident networker.”
“I attend events with love and joy.”

Say them several times a day and write them down.

I can help you master the Art of Networking. I will help you go from feeling shy or stuck and become a Networking Rock Star.

You are amazing, talented, skilled, beautiful and blessed.

Networking is an Art, a Skill, and Can be Learned.

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