“If You Keep Doing What You Are Doing, You’re Going to Get What You Got.”

I don’t know who first said this nor do I remember when I first heard it. It goes along nicely with the definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Many of us set intentions, focus on affirmations and work toward something we want to create. Some of these intentions may focus on creating income.

“I am so happy and grateful money flows easily to me, in the highest and best way.”

It’s exciting to see something come to fruition as a result of our efforts.

Every so often, life happens. Something unexpected comes up.

I’m in the early planning stages of a trip I want to take next summer. I want to spend 3 days exploring a new city and some of its surrounding areas. While researching the area, I’ve looked at doing peripheral travel – exploring locations not too far from my destination. Picture flying to Phoenix then driving to Flagstaff.

As I write this, my car is getting an unexpected repair. Before going to sleep last night, I thought about the day and the things that went well. I felt very grateful and blessed I have the funds to pay for the repair.

I noticed how my mindset has shifted. I noticed how I now own the affirmation “I am so happy and grateful I am living a life filled with gratitude, love, happiness and abundance.”

Not that long ago, I would have channeled my elders.

“OMG, I can’t believe this happened!!l. Every time I get a little ahead, something happens, &^%#X!!” “How am I going to be able to travel?”

Fast forward to 6 months from now. I somehow manage to take a ‘budget’ version of this trip. I arrive at my dream destination and am still stuck in the mindset of ‘lack.’ Instead of “WOW, I’ve arrived. It’s beautiful here!!” I force myself to enjoy exploring my destination. I feel guilty for spending funds to get here.

My inner voice is obsessed with “how am I going to pay for my next car repair?” “What if (insert negative thing) happens?” I am never fully present. I don’t allow myself to feel joy and enjoy the experience of exploring a new area.

Why? I’ve spent the past 6 months being focused on EVERY NEGATIVE THOUGHT related to me taking this trip!!


Imagine the possibilities if I focus on creating, manifesting and growing?

Lots can happen in 6 months.  What is likely to happen if I focus on creating, manifesting and growing?

I will create, grow and manifest.

I will spend 3 glorious days exploring a new city, taking in the sights and experiencing local culture. I may or may not do peripheral travel. As I write this, I’m not sure if visiting peripheral locations is even what I really, really want.

I do know I will allow myself to be present and experience joy as I visit and explore a new destination.

Crafting a workable networking plan is similar to planning travel. It involves creating, manifesting and being flexible.

Networking can be scary. It’s also an art, a skill and can be learned. I know what it feels like to be on the outside looking in, to feel awkward and uncomfortable.

I’ve been there and done that and am here to help.

I offer individual coaching sessions and lead group programs.

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