Know Your Purpose – or being very clear on Why you are attending is the 2nd Secret of the 5 Secrets of Successful Networking™.  Knowing your why can help remove that feeling of pressure when one attends events. “I have to do this!!! I have to do that!!! What if no one will talk to me?? What if . . . .Arrrgghhh!!!

I’m a solopreneur and showing up is one of the best ways for me to promote my business. To see and be seen – say hello to those I already know – is one of my favorite reasons to attend events.

I can show up and relax into the event. Saying hello to friendly faces isn’t scary or intimidating. If I allow myself to receive and enjoy the event, I open the door to being introduced.

“Hi Suzy. It’s great to see you.”
“Hi Lisa. Nice to see you. Do you know Kevin?”
“No, I don’t.” “Hi Kevin, it’s nice to meet you.”

I now have made a new connection.

In the upcoming Networking for Introverts Group Program, you will learn how to use the 5 Secrets of Successful Networking to help ease the pain of attending networking functions. You will gain skills so you will peaceful when networking and get results.

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