Take Control of Your Audience
When it’s your turn to speak, stand up and wait for the person before you to be seated before you begin speaking.

When It’s Your Turn to Speak
It doesn’t matter what the person before you, after you, or across the room does or says. What matters is what you say and do.

Make it Easy for Someone To Reach You
Always carry business cards. Be sure to include your email and telephone number on your cards.

Be Strategic when Selecting Events to Attend.  It’s Okay to Be the Listener
Be very clear on “why you are attending” or Know Your Purpose (step 2 of the 5 Secrets to Successful Networking.)

It’s Okay to Be the Listener
Listening is one way we interact with others.

Networking Affirmations
I network with confidence, and I am a confident networker.

Referrals Happen When Least Expected
By showing up, you remind someone to think of you.

Stay focused
Each day do something to move you closer to your goal, desire or vision. Dreams do come true.

Well-Known Thought Leaders, Are You Listening?
Click here for thoughts on setting goals and intentions.

Implement and Achieve Results
Implementing your networking plan will help you achieve your Big Vision.

Smile. Be Approachable
You know why you are attending and have clear specific goals. Be present. Smile and reach out to others.

Be Your Authentic Self
Being our authentic selves is the best thing we bring with us when we go to network.  Article

Volunteer.  Helping with registration is a great way to meet people.  Sometimes following a script makes it easier for Introverts to interact and enjoy the event.

Know Your WhyBe very clear on Why you are attending is the 2nd Secret of the 5 Secrets of Successful Networking™. Knowing your why can help remove that feeling of pressure when one attends events.

Affirmations.  If networking feels scary or icky, say these affirmations.
“I am confident networker.” “I feel confident when networking.”

Conversation Starter
Approach meeting someone for the first time at a Networking function the same as if you met someone for the first time at a party held at your best friend’s home.

How to Start a Conversation
Sometimes it’s hard to jump in and join a conversation. And, it feels icky to stand there by yourself. When this happens, look for someone standing alone. Go over and say hi. You might make a friend for life.

Where Should I Network?
The short answer is where do your clients and those that can help connect you to your clients hang out?

Networking is not a Competition.
Be your authentic self. Do not compare yourself with others.

Seize the Moment.
Attending events often gits us opportunities to have brief conversations with specific individuals.  Seize the moment and know timing is everything.

Diversity is a Key Element to Your Networking Plan.
Attending a variety of events expands our opportunities to connect and build relationships with others.

Smile and Say Hello.
Introducing oneself to a stranger can feel intimidating especially in a room where it appears many know each other.  Look for someone who looks friendly.  Go up to that person.  Smile and say hello.

Know Your Key Words
Knowing how to introduce yourself clearly and concisely is a key element of one’s networking plan.

Ask to be Introduced ~ If you are attending an event for the first time or feel a tiny bit shy, ask to be introduced.  Most attendees will be welcoming and look forward to getting to know you.