Ask to be Introduced is the Networking Tip for the Week. Sounds simple, yet how often do we ask?

You’ve been following the keynote speaker’s work for a few years and finally have the opportunity to see her speak in person. You want to tell her how much you enjoy her work and how she’s helped you.

You’re new in town and don’t know many people. Or, you have a new territory and don’t know anyone in that part of town. You’re attending an event for the first time, scan the room and don’t see anyone you know.

Yikes!!!  Sometimes walking into a room full of people you don’t know can feel intimidating or scary.

Before hiding in the rest room, answering emails that can wait, or taking a call from your BFF pretending it’s a business call, ask to be introduced.

Ask. You may be pleasantly surprised.  Being introduced can help ease the pain of being new, not knowing anyone in the room.