Networking is building relationships.  The stronger the relationships, the stronger your business foundation will be.  Think of networking as increasing one’s sphere of influence. 

Some people enjoy attending virtual meetings while others are “over it” and are waiting to network until they can do so in person.

Not only do virtual events help organizations connect with their members, it allows them to keep their commitments.  Meeting virtually gives organizations a ‘venue’ for their members to connect and share within the group. 

March 18, I moved a networking breakfast to a Zoom call.  The most popular comment, “I appreciate you meeting because everything else cancelled.”  The following Wednesday, West Valley Women held its inaugural ONLINE Conversation & Connections meeting.

As much as I miss seeing friends and colleagues in person, I see value in attending virtual networking meetings.  When well facilitated, everyone has opportunities to connect, engage and share.

In the past 2 months, I have facilitated weekly virtual events and have attended several. I have noticed many positive aspects.

Attendees are more intentional with their time.

Attendees really want to be there.

Everyone can and will share their contact information in the Chat.

The Chat can easily be saved.

Attendance tends to be smaller.

I have observed women building deeper connections on Zoom calls with 15-20 attendees than during the 30-minute mix and mingle portion of in-person events with 55 to 70 attendees. 

We have gotten to know each other outside of our work environments.  The conversations are more than “Hello my name is Lisa and I sell pink widgets to people with purple polka dots.  A good referral for me is ____.”  There is no “I have 15-minutes to work the room and hand everyone my business card.” 

Virtual meetings are like in-person ones as each has its unique personality.  If the format of one Zoom call does not work for you, try others.  You might find one that is the perfect fit. 

* * * * *

Do you want to feel peaceful when networking online?  Do you want to feel safe when sharing your deepest networking challenge?  I am offering 30-minute complimentary coaching sessions. Schedule your session today!