Everyone is talking about the new decade and new opportunities. Did you set for goals for 2020? I did. And, one of them was to continue working through my shyness to create a more successful business. You already know that I successfully help introverts navigate the world of networking and business opportunities.

Know why?

Because I am a professional like you, but also shy. However, through deep reflection and hard work, I have come to love myself for what others may call a weakness. You can embrace yourself for your introversion, and yet be wildly successful in business. It’s true!

Want to know how?

Let me be your guide.

I’m ready to share my secrets to success. I have used these special approaches for more than 20 years and I have expanded my business, made hordes of money and positively impacted my community.

Today, I’m offering the ultimate experience for self-love, clear goals, and gentle, tactical plans so you can be the best you ever and have the best business year ever.

Today, I want to offer you a Personalized Networking VIP Day

On your special day, we’ll collaborate, explore and strategize for you best year ever. Sound intriguing? I hope it does because it’s the biggest commitment of my life that I’ve made to date.  We’ll work together for five (5) complete hours to tackle the biggest walls you run into when you are networking for success.

We’ll do it using Zoom video conferencing (with breaks and time for lunch!), so it will be as intimate and private as possible. I’ll ride shotgun with you on an amazing and rewarding ride. And, there is no doubt, it will be the ride of your life!

Once you say yes, then away we’ll go. We’ll book your VIP Day. In advance, I will send you a brief questionnaire.  The answers you provide to these questions will help identify the very unique areas you wish to focus on.

Your Personalized Networking VIP Day will focus on your biggest networking challenge.

Our journey together may include:

  • Creating a clear picture of your ideal clients.  Who are they?  Where can you meet them?
  • Creating language that speaks to your ideal clients.
  • Create and practice your 30-second introduction.
  • Becoming clear on why you are attending events and what you want to accomplish.

Together, we will devise a networking plan you can implement immediately.

Your Personalized Networking VIP Day will be tailored specifically for your desires.  Your package includes a one hour follow-up coaching session. Plus, you will receive receive 2 Business Bliss Accountability Session packages (8, 15-minute sessions) and the Say YES to Introductions that Work home study class. 

And very importantly, your VIP Day will be a safe space where you can share your biggest networking challenge.

Take the first steps to Networking Success. Invest in yourself. Learn to show up online in a way that feels good to you. Purchase your Networking VIP Day Package here.

As soon as you make your purchase, we will schedule your day.

Learn to Network “Your Way” with your Personalized VIP Day. I will be your personal guide as you create success “Your Way.”

Flash Sale!! Save 25% if purchased by September 29, 2020Contact Coach Lisa, 602-573-7496, to purchase.