Showing Up is the Networking Tip of the Week. “Showing Up” sounds so simple and is such a novel concept.

If networking is building relationships, connecting with others, it’s implied one needs to show up to be an effective networker.

But, how often do we Not show up? Or, we attend and are not fully present?

How often do we choose something else over attending a networking function?

Perhaps, our time is better spent doing something else? Or, perhaps we’re on energetic overload and it’s best to honor our feeling. Or, we have a true emergency.

Every so often my inner introvert comes out and I retreat. I must force myself to attend. The other morning was one of those times. Part of me wanted to crawl back into my warm bed. The other told me to keep my commitment.

I kept the commitment.

My reward.
I won 2 door prizes!

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