Yesterday, I wanted to write an article about the Value of Connections and the importance of staying in touch.  I wanted to share the good that came from twice moving an in-person networking breakfast to an online gathering.  How everyone was thrilled with the opportunity to say hello because everything else had cancelled. 

I then planned to talk about how this is the perfect time to plan for when things reopen and offer support for what one can do now. 

Each time I tried to write; the words would not come.  I had the worst time focusing on what had gone well.  There was LOTS that had gone well.

I slept well last night and the night before.  I noticed I felt calm when I woke up today.  I also felt calm Tuesday morning.  Yesterday, I did not. 

Although, I know what we think about we create, I spent most of the day yesterday coming from fear. 

Yesterday afternoon, while sitting in the car while my brother ran a quick errand, picking up his dry cleaning, I said to myself, “it’s a good thing I’m not going to run into anyone I know.”  I was dressed casually, no make-up or bling.  My hair was wind/rain blown. 

We then stopped at a local restaurant to get takeout for dinner.  Inside, was a cameraman shooting video on the impact COVID-19 has on local restaurants.  Next thing, he’s talking to us and we made the local news.  You can watch the clip here. 

I didn’t connect ALL the dots until much later that evening.  My day began listening to a wonderful talk on “PR Tips for Small Business & Soloprenuers” and finished with a few seconds being featured on the local news. 

In my inbox this morning was a newsletter from The Foundation for Living Medicine.  Dr. Gladys McGarey expressed her gratitude and love for all the support she received while recuperating from a bad fall.  Dr. Gladys spoke about the importance of coming from love. 

“Let me share with you what I have known… and it has certainly deepened through this experience.  Love is the great healer.”

What are your thoughts creating?

Many of our businesses are greatly impacted by COVID-19 and change is imminent.  Some of us are frustrated because we’ve implemented plan 2 or 3 and now need to find another solution. 

Help is available.

There are ways to connect with your clients.  Solutions are available.

Sometimes one just needs someone to listen, to be able to share deep thoughts out loud.  Having a safe space to share is all one needs. 

I am offering 20 to 30-minute Complimentary calls to the readers of my blog.  Email me to schedule.

Those who want to go one step further, I am offering Networking VIP Days for $147 to the readers of this blog through April 3.  Picture your day as a strategy session focused on what you want to accomplish. We can focus on messaging, marketing, showing up in a way that feels good to you, connecting the dots, or your biggest networking challenge. Email me to schedule.

Please remember, “Love is the great healer.”   Have a beautiful and blessed day.