I imagine your inbox is similar to mine. It is filled with holiday messages wishing me well and offering to help. My favorite are the ones that target a pain point one hopes I’m experiencing.

“Happy Holidays! Lisa, I hope you’re experiencing the beauty of the season. Here’s how I can help you with your sucky life, Dot, dot, dot. Much love, Well-Known Thought Leader.”

“Dear Well-Known Thought Leader, guess again, my life doesn’t suck. Much love, Lisa.”

I understand it is a new year. For many, a new year is a time for reflection, setting goals and newness. It is a time to try something different.

January 1 is a date on the calendar. So is January 2, January 3 and February 25. Each day, we are blessed with opportunities. Each day is an opportunity for newness.

We have choices. Change happens when we decide and commit to doing something different. We take action with the intention of creating a specific result.

Sometimes, we need or want help, to have someone hold our hand as we move from where we are to where we want to go. Other times, just deciding on what we want releases the creative flow of how to achieve it.

If you’ve been thinking about having an accountability partner, doing more networking, or participating in a mastermind group, check out the More Clients Through Networking Mastermind. It is perfect for anyone who has ever felt networking is top secret and wished networking came with an instruction manual. It’s also great for introverts or sensitive individuals who want to participate in a community with like-minded individuals.

You may be wondering if I embrace new years resolutions. I don’t. I don’t simply because I embrace setting intentions year-round. I journal almost every day. I focus on my intentions daily, whether written, spoken or in thought.

I’ve learned by focusing on what I want, I can create what I want. The key is being very clear on what I really, really want.

I’ve also learned my intentions and goals change over time. Each day is a blessing and each day presents opportunities.

I can decide now at 7:51 am to do something different. I don’t need a holiday, a set date on the calendar, to tell me it’s time to change, to do something different. I can journal, evaluate, plan, or dream when it feels good to me.

While lying in bed early this morning, I thought about the tasks and things I need and want to accomplish today. Writing a blog post was not on the list. I felt inspired to write this blog while writing in my journal.

I encourage you to be clear on what you really, really want; to set goals and intentions, and to do so in a way that feels good to you.

If you’d like to have a shoulder to lean on or have someone hold your hand as you gain clarity, set and work on goals and intentions, let’s talk. Let’s have a conversation. I can help. I work with clients both one on one and facilitate group programs.

What goals and intentions have you set for yourself on this beautiful winter day?

I see joy and love in each of the cards displayed on my mantle. Each shares the blessing of friendship and the beauty of the season.

Well-Known Thought Leaders, are you listening?