“Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!” My Grandmother would screech these words after she dropped or lost something. “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!”

I hadn’t thought much about this until two years ago. My mother, an in-home hospice patient, was living with me. She dropped or spilled something.

“Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!”

I run from the kitchen to the living room.

OMG!!! My mother is channeling her mother. She repeats the words in the same exact tone!

I can’t tell you what my mother dropped or spilled.

Those words, “Stupid, Stupid, STUPID” jumped out!

I can assure you. Words matter. Programming matters.

How many times have I reprimanded myself without realizing it? How many times have I told myself, “Stupid, Stupid, STUPID” when I made a mistake?

Probably LOTS!!!

I recently caught myself saying just that, “Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!!!”

This time, it was different.

After I fixed the problem, I heard those words. I stopped myself mid-way. I stopped myself from beating myself up. I realized what I was doing and did not want to go down that path, a downward spiral.

Yet, the word “STUPID” was loud and clear.

We tell ourselves stories. What if we change the story?

That’s what I did.

I created an acronym for the letters “S, T, U, P, I D.”

S – Smart
T – Talented
U – Upbeat
P – Persistent
I – Inspired
D – Decisive

I focused on being “Smart, Talented, Upbeat, Persistent, Inspired and Decisive.” I smiled and felt happier inside.

I can assure you, words matter. Programming matters. It influences how we react to things.

With the help of my mastermind, I learned how to work through programming. These are skills I can share with you.

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What “Smart, Talented, Upbeat, Persistent, Inspired and Decisive” action will you take today?


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