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Do You Want to Feel Peaceful
When Networking?

Do You Want to
• Connect with Confidence?
• Attract New Clients?
• Become known as the Go to Person in Your Field?

Personalized Coaching with Lisa is perfect for those who want to network, but when they go to network, something deep inside says NO.

I am an introvert. I know what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. I know what it feels like to register for the event, get dressed, get in the car, drive to the end of the street, then turn around and drive home. I know what it feels like to show up and feel invisible.

I can assure you networking can be learned. I learned how.

As introverts, we tend to be shy. Walking into a room full of people can feel intimidating. We know networking is a great way to build our business, not only by gaining new clients, but to also become known as the go to person in our field.

We know we know our business. We know how to serve our clients. We are good at what we do!

You need tools and the mindset that gives you confidence to be YOU! the professional YOU, the experienced YOU! the comfortable confident YOU!

When I first started networking, I secretly wished they would run out of time so I wouldn’t have to speak. I had knots in my tummy. I hated going to events. I had to learn how to network, and I learned the hard way. You can read my story here.

Networking can be easy. It is an art, a skill and can be learned.

Working one on one together, we focus on your needs, your intentions, what you want to accomplish.

Together, we will create a Personalized Networking Plan that
• Will be in alignment with your core values.
• Identify client groups and where you can meet them.
• Create language you feel comfortable using.
• Connect your networking to your marketing.
• You will feel comfortable implementing.

You will gain the tools and resources you need to become a Confident Networker.

Our sessions are confidential. They are a safe space where you can practice, a space where you can ask questions, any question. You can also email questions in between sessions.

Are you wondering if Personalized Coaching with Lisa is a good fit for you? Let’s talk. Let’s have a conversation.

Personalized Coaching with Lisa offers the support you need to become a Confident Networker, to feel at ease and peaceful when networking.

How great will it feel to have someone be there for you, to hold the space, and help you achieve your networking goals?

Learn to network your way, in a way that works for you.

I’m here to help.

Personalized Coaching with Lisa
Schedule your complimentary session to see if personalized coaching is a good fit for you.

*Because of how the website is set up, I need to list a start and ending dates when posting a program. I apologize for any confusion this may cause.