• Each Session is 15 Minutes and Focused on Your Needs. *Share Goal *Bounce Around Ideas *Identify Action Item *Check In Next Week Sessions will be scheduled upon registration. We will meet by phone or Zoom.  Difficulty signing up?  Contact Coach Lisa, 602-573-7496.
  • Flash Sale!! Save 25% if purchased by September 29, 2020Contact Coach Lisa, 602-573-7496, to purchase. Your personalized Networking VIP Day will be tailored specifically to your desires. It will focus on your biggest networking challenge. And, very importantly, it will be a safe space where you can share your biggest networking challenge.  
  • Say YES to Introductions that Work and NO to Elevator Speeches.

    Attend the virtual Say YES to Introductions that Work Masterclass. Learn to create 30-second introductions that speak to your ideal clients. Gain skills you can use during Zoom calls and at in person meetings. Learn the 3 Must Haves in Your 30-second Introduction. Sign up today! $29 pp. Payment is processed by PayPal and payable to West Valley Women Networking Association.  Questions?  Email Lisa