Networking for Introverts Facebook Group

Come join our Facebook Group, Networking for Introverts. Networking for Introverts is a safe place where smart, talented, innovative, friendly, caring & business minded individuals can come together to connect, engage and share. Networking for Introverts is for You, my fabulous colleagues!  It is a place where you will gain skills to help networking feel [...]

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What to Do. . . When You Go to Network and Your Body Says NO!!!

I love sharing inspiration and affirmations in the Networking for Introverts Facebook Group. I feel happy knowing one quote can inspire or help a member. A quote by Louise Hay spoke to me on several levels.  “ I respect my boundaries and insist that others respect them, too.” I work with introverted, sensitive professionals and [...]

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An Attitude of Gratitude

You might be wondering how does “An Attitude of Gratitude” connect with networking. I recently had the pleasure of attending an Awards Luncheon. The invitation listed 11:00 am as the start time. I arrived on time and easily found a parking space. Score! At check in, I was told doors open at 11:30 am. I [...]

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Networking is an Art, a Skill and Can Be Learned

The other morning at Chamber, the person who spoke before me sang his tagline while playing his ukulele.  I heard a handful of people gasp “How can you top that?” There was a time I would have preferred to bolt to the nearest exit instead of following that. “No way!”  “How can I follow that?”  [...]

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Be The Change You Want To Be

I seek inspiration from many sources. Sometimes they appear Loud and in BOLD. This week has been no exception. It began with quotes reflecting on the new moon energy. Continuing with my mentor, Linda Binns, talking about the importance of "Reset." Followed by others talking about newness. Every so often, my inner introvert AKA that [...]

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Who Are You Going to Call?

Networking is building a strong foundation or building out relationships. The stronger your foundation, the more business you will attract. Having a strong network is important on many levels. Knowing the person behind the business is helpful for when you need to call the expert. Who are you going to call? I am writing this [...]

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Remember what it feels like to be new.

"Remember what it feels like to be new. Reach out to first time attendees" ~ Today's Networking Tip.

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What I Learned From Watching Tennis

I recently had the pleasure of watching my first tennis match. A friend and her team played in the national championships for their division. I watched her play doubles. Although she and her partner won the first set, their opponents played stronger as the set progressed. The opponents had the momentum going into the second [...]

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How did this Shy, Observant, Highly Sensitive Introvert Learn to Network?

How did this shy, observant, highly sensitive introvert become the owner of a successful top rated fabulously fun women’s networking organization? Networking did not come naturally to me. I can assure you, in the early years, I hated it. I didn’t know how to “talk to people.” In the lunch line, I could say “oh, [...]

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