Does “Why Not Me or You” Always Motivate?

I thank the SmartFem Summit for the inspiration for today's blog.  I greatly appreciate I only heard  (those dreaded words) “Why Not Me” a few times. “Why Not Me?” I am so glad you asked. I am grateful to share why those dreaded words do not work for me. Coach Lisa Perhaps, this [...]

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“OMG, how cute is that dog!!” is a Perfect Conversation Starter

Networking is relationship building.  Sometimes being out there, meeting new people, building relationships can feel daunting and challenging especially for introverts. Many introverts understand this and say to themselves, “I get the concept, but I’m an introvert. How can I feel comfortable being out there building relationships?” Volunteering or becoming involved in a shared interest [...]

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I Am a Confident Networker

My favorite Olympic Moment Is watching athletes be true to themselves. Some perform in sports where scores are combined. They perform one, two or three times and the top combined scores determine who receive medals. I love the athletes who basically say “screw it” to the negative commentary on their first performance. They chose not [...]

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