Successful Networking

What is Success? Success means different things to many people. One might define success as the number in one’s bank account. Others may define success as feeling happy most of the time. Darius Foroux’s article talks about prioritizing to feel successful. One does not need to sacrifice to achieve success. One need to prioritize their [...]

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Thought Leaders, Are You Listening?

I imagine your inbox is similar to mine. It is filled with holiday messages wishing me well and offering to help. My favorite are the ones that target a pain point one hopes I’m experiencing. “Happy Holidays! Lisa, I hope you’re experiencing the beauty of the season. Here’s how I can help you with your [...]

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If You Keep Doing What You Are Doing, You’re Going to Get What You Got

"If You Keep Doing What You Are Doing, You’re Going to Get What You Got." I don’t know who first said this nor do I remember when I first heard it. It goes along nicely with the definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and [...]

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Where Should I Network?

“Running a $500,000 Retail Empire by iPhone” This headline, article published by Bloomberg, read it here, caught my attention. I was fascinated by it. “Is this for real? What is she is doing?  What can I do that’s similar” I asked myself. What stood out for me is how the entrepreneur embraced her uniqueness. She [...]

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Believe It. You Will Achieve It.

Today’s tip applies to networking. Yet, it is not networking specific. Many clients seek me out because they feel overwhelmed and stuck when networking. Sometimes the solution is found in developing skills. Other times, something else is going on that needs to be addressed. Most of the time, it’s a combination of the two. To [...]

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Keeping The Commitment and Showing Up has its Rewards

Showing Up is the Networking Tip of the Week. “Showing Up” sounds so simple and is such a novel concept. If networking is building relationships, connecting with others, it’s implied one needs to show up to be an effective networker. But, how often do we Not show up? Or, we attend and are not fully [...]

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You’ve Collected All the Cards, Now What?

Following Up sounds simple, yet, how often do we remember to do it? You had a great time at the event, met some very fun people and came home with a handful of business cards. It’s office cleaning day and you find a stack of cards. You don’t remember if you followed up or not. [...]

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An Attitude of Gratitude

You might be wondering how does “An Attitude of Gratitude” connect with networking. I recently had the pleasure of attending an Awards Luncheon. The invitation listed 11:00 am as the start time. I arrived on time and easily found a parking space. Score! At check in, I was told doors open at 11:30 am. I [...]

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