Networking for Introverts Facebook Group

Come join our Facebook Group, Networking for Introverts. Networking for Introverts is a safe place where smart, talented, innovative, friendly, caring & business minded individuals can come together to connect, engage and share. Networking for Introverts is for You, my fabulous colleagues!  It is a place where you will gain skills to help networking feel [...]

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How Introverts Can Connect Online

I understand showing up in general is difficult for Introverts and possibly more challenging for highly sensitive Introverts. I also know we are navigating uncharted waters and most everything feels different. Change in and of itself is challenging. When it’s thrown against us as if we crashed suddenly into a brick way . . . “What can we do to survive??” Participating or showing up on Zoom Calls or in Social Media Groups is a great way to keep your name in front of others. Zoom Calls and Groups are a great way for Introverts to connect with others. The benefits are numerous.

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New to Networking? What Can I Do?

Networking can be scary especially for first time attendees. It can feel extremely intimidating for Introverts. What if?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . List every frightening thought. What if . . . Nobody speaks to me. I say something stupid. I have to stand in [...]

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Believe It. You Will Achieve It.

Today’s tip applies to networking. Yet, it is not networking specific. Many clients seek me out because they feel overwhelmed and stuck when networking. Sometimes the solution is found in developing skills. Other times, something else is going on that needs to be addressed. Most of the time, it’s a combination of the two. To [...]

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Networking is an Art, a Skill and Can Be Learned

The other morning at Chamber, the person who spoke before me sang his tagline while playing his ukulele.  I heard a handful of people gasp “How can you top that?” There was a time I would have preferred to bolt to the nearest exit instead of following that. “No way!”  “How can I follow that?”  [...]

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Be The Change You Want To Be

I seek inspiration from many sources. Sometimes they appear Loud and in BOLD. This week has been no exception. It began with quotes reflecting on the new moon energy. Continuing with my mentor, Linda Binns, talking about the importance of "Reset." Followed by others talking about newness. Every so often, my inner introvert AKA that [...]

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3 Steps to 30 Second Success

Think of your 30 second introduction as a mini speech.  It is composed of 3 sections, Opening, Middle and Close. The opening is your introduction.  “Hello, I’m Lisa Platt from West Valley Women.” The middle is your content.  “West Valley Women is a locally owned networking organization.  We’re in our 12th year of fostering business [...]

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How to Survive “Networking Pressure”

As a newbie Toastmaster, I secretly prayed I wouldn’t be called on during Table Topics.  It wasn’t because I didn’t have a clue on what to say.  It was due to the pressure. Yes, Pressure! I felt so much pressure I could barely talk. One was expected to Follow a format, “Mr. Topic Master, fellow [...]

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Do you want to meet new people? Help with Registration

"Helping with registration is an excellent way to meet people."

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Remember what it feels like to be new.

"Remember what it feels like to be new. Reach out to first time attendees" ~ Today's Networking Tip.

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