Imagine looking forward to your next virtual networking event. Imagine the networking experience – it felt good to you.  Networking is a process that when mastered creates amazing opportunities.

How would things change if networking felt good to you?

Today, I’m offering the ultimate experience for self-love, clear goals, and gentle, tactical plans so you can be the best you ever and have the best business year ever.

Today, I invite you to Communicate With Intention. This special program will be tailored specifically to your desires, focused on resolving your biggest networking challenge. 

Communicate with Intention is a 3-tier, 6 month coaching program designed to help sensitive introverted professionals connect with confidence. Through the process, one will gain the skills and the confidence they need to design and build a business that supports their deepest desires.

Each tier builds on the other and includes the support one needs to be successful. Sign Up here!

Networking is a process that when mastered will help create amazing opportunities.  Networking is relationship building and is essential to growing one’s business. 


Yet, there is a stigma associated with the word ‘Networking.’  It often feels icky, scary, and downright intimidating.  The ‘work’ in the word netWORKing is emphasized.  The process often feels like hard, dirty, disgusting, WORK!!

Somehow, networking becomes a task that falls into the ‘should’ category.  I know I should network, but if I do, I will be laughed at and will have to eat some worms.   

I know this feeling well.  I have registered to attend an event.  I have paid to go to the event.  I have put on my finest business attire, prepared for the event, talked myself into not cancelling, got into my car, drove to the end of my street then turned around and came home.  I did this simply because something deep inside screamed “NO!!” 

And, I have done this more than once. 

I have also learned how to feel comfortable networking.  I learned the hard way.  You can read my story here

Networking is an art, a skill and can be learned.  It is not a competition for the best speaker or comedian awards.  It is a tool when mastered that can create amazing opportunities. 

I was the person who hid in the ladies’ room or pretended she had important phone calls to return.  I secretly prayed the event would run out of time so I would not have to speak.  I was willing to graciously give my speaking time to someone else. 

I did not know one could show up 3 minutes before people were seated for the meal.  I did not want to be late.  So, I arrived early and was miserable.

I have 20 + years’ experience working both sides of the table, representing my business and administrating events.  I have seen what works and a few things that do not. 

I am also a shy, sensitive, introverted professional who learned to network.  I HEAR and FEEL your pain. 

Not only have I learned to network, but I am also the proud owner of a women’s networking organization.  Our meetings are not the traditional ‘Hello my name Lisa.  I sell pink widgets to people who have purple polka dots.  Who do you know?  I promise I will quit shaking your hand as soon as you give me 3 referrals.”  Instead the programming is designed to help connecting with others feel less intimidating. 

I can assure you learning to network is a process. 

It took me a long time to feel comfortable networking.  My ah ha moment, my breakthrough, is something that will help you fast forward the process.

I do not want you to take years to feel good when networking.  I want to help you feel peaceful networking.  I want networking to be an enjoyable experience for you.

I recently circled back to the organization where I began my networking journey.  I shared my story of feeling scared, secretly wishing they would run out of time so I wouldn’t have to speak.  As I spoke, one of the attendees grinned.  I thought, she must remember how awkward I felt. 

I learned she also felt extremely uncomfortable networking.  The person I described hiding in the ladies’ room was also her. 

She also shared she wished she had met someone like me, someone who could help her overcome her fears.  She wished she had met someone who could help fast forward the process.

This is one of the ways coaching can help. 

During your confidential sessions, we will go deep.  We will create a plan that supports you in achieving your big vision, your deepest desires.  Each action is a step designed to help you move forward.

I will hold your hand along the way. 

Communicate with Intention is a 3-tier process designed to help one Connect with Confidence.  Each tier builds on the other and includes the support one needs to be successful. 

Pre-Launch, the first tier, helps one fine tune their networking skills.  It covers the essentials one needs to master business networking. One will also define their big vision – their deepest desires.

Tier 2, the Launch, builds on the skills learned during the Pre-Launch.  One goes deeper and gains more clarity.  Together, we create a plan designed to connect one’s networking to their marketing.  One begins to incorporate the 5 Secrets to Successful Networking and create action items designed to bring one closer to achieving their big vision.

Tier 3, Achieving One’s Rockets of Desire (goals or intentions), is the implementation phase.  This is the phase where all the parts come together.  Tier 3 is where one adds the finishing touches to their roadmap to success.  This is the phase where the 5 Secrets to Successful Networking ™ become habits.

One has gained clarity, confidence and skills and is creating a business that supports their deepest desires, the lifestyle they want. 

One has laid the foundation for their business.  One has clarity and knows the action needed to continue their journey of success. 

I love that my clients have gained confidence and skills and are achieving their Rockets of Desire!  They are on the path to success. 

If Communicate with Intentions sounds like it is a good fit for you, let’s have a conversation.  Let’s talk. 

Communicate with Intention is a 3-tier 6-month personalized coaching program designed to help one gain confidence and skills so they can connect with confidence.

It is your pathway to transformation. 

Your 6-Month Package includes:

  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Creating a Personalized Plan that supports Your Big Vision
  • How to Connect Your Networking to Your Marketing
  • Accountability
  • Opportunities to Practice
  • The Say YES to Intros that Work Home Study Class
  • Ask Any Question
  • Networking Success Box

Communicate with Intention is your pathway to success.  You will gain confidence and learn skills that will assist you in creating a business that supports your deepest desires, the lifestyle you want. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Payment is processed by the West Valley Women Networking Association.

I am excited to work with you and look forward to helping YOU achieve YOUR Deepest Desires!