You are hosting the world’s best masterclass providing information that will profoundly positively impact or change someone’s life.  You want to invite the world.  The members of your social media group are your ideal clients.  You want them to attend.  You want to be sure they know how fabulous you are.

Because you are fabulous and are the best person to present your topic, you want the members of the group to attend.  You love them so much and you know they are going to rearrange their schedule so they can join you 9am Monday.  To be sure people show up to hear your fabulous information, you tag them in social media posts to be seen by everyone in your group.  You have 5 or 6 posts tagging 20 or more in each post.  You know they have nothing else to do 9 am Monday.  You know they are willing to drop everything to see you teach live.

The above is NOISE, plain & simple NOISE. This is what tagging sounds like to me. 

How many times did I use the words You and Your? 

Invite me to your event. Let me decide if your live event is for me.

Tagging me amplifies THE NOISE!

I recently removed myself from a social media group because of tagging. Had I not been tagged, I would have watched the recordings at a time convenient for me. If I thought the information presented may have solved a problem I have, I might have enrolled in the Coach’s program.

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