“Networking is a waste of time.”

If your belief is truly “networking is a waste of time,” it then becomes a waste of time. 

What you think about you create.

How many times have you told yourself something is hard and will take forever?  The task then becomes hard, takes forever and usually is not fun.

What if you told yourself something can be easy?

Have you ever casually just thought of a solution?  Wouldn’t it be nice if this occurred?  Perhaps you wrote the thought and forgot about it.  Perhaps, you shared with someone and that person said they would hold the space for this to happen.

Two or three days later, a friend reaches out.  What do you think about this? 

The thing the friend shares mirrors or matches the thought you wrote then forgot about.  This thing, your friend’s suggestion, is a wonderful solution to your challenge.  It is a win, a win for both of you.

I have experienced this many times.  Words I tell myself matter. Things I think about often come to fruition. 

My clients frequently feel stuck when it comes to networking.  They understand the process will help them increase their sphere of influence and grow their business.  When it is time to network, something deep inside screams “NO!”

What if you told yourself ‘Networking is easy? It can be fun.”  

Instead of describing the process as “networking,” what if you described it as ‘netFUNing?”  How would that feel?

Networking is a process that when mastered creates amazing opportunities.

Learning to network in a way that feels good to you is a process.  It begins with understanding Networking is relationship building.  It is not a competition for best speaker or best comedian.  It is simply the beginning of the process of getting to know someone. 

Figuring out what to say, where to say it and who to say it to can feel icky or complicated.  Sometimes, one has the words, but the thought of showing up – No Thank You!

I have clients who would prefer to have a root canal than show up at a virtual or in-person networking function.  If you can relate, you are not alone. 

Do you want to communicate with intention and connect with confidence?  Do you want to feel peaceful when networking? 

Take the first steps to changing your networking story.  Let’s have a conversation.  Click here to schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation. 

Networking can be easy.  It is a process that when mastered can create incredible opportunities.