“Networking is a waste of time.  I hate networking”

If your belief is truly “networking is a waste of time,” networking then becomes a waste of time. 

What you think about you create.

What if you told yourself ‘Networking can be easy? It is an art, a skill and can be learned?”

How many times have you told yourself something is hard and will take forever?  The task then becomes hard, takes forever and usually is not fun.

What if you told yourself something can be easy?

Have you ever casually just thought of a solution?  Wouldn’t it be nice if this occurred?  Perhaps you wrote the thought and forgot about it.  Perhaps, you shared with someone and that person said they would hold the space for this to happen.

Two or three days later, a friend reaches out.  Lisa, what do you think about this? 

The thing the friend shares mirrors or matches the thought you wrote then forgot about.  This thing, your friend’s suggestion, is a wonderful solution to your challenge.  It is a win, a win for both of you.

I recently experienced this.  And I have had similar experiences many times in my life.  For the past two years or so, I have been focusing on what I think about I create.  I set the intention to become better at manifesting.

During this process, I have learned what I say and write on the outside does not always match the message my inner demons are saying.  When this happens, I feel stuck.  I then need to do the inner work so I can move forward. 

Many of my clients feel stuck when it comes to networking.  My clients understand networking can help them increase their sphere of influence and grow their book of business.  But, when it comes time to network, something deep inside says “NO!”

I know ‘networking is an art, a skill and can be learned’ to be a true statement.  I know this because I learned how to feel peaceful when networking.  I had to learn How to Network.  It was not easy and not always pretty.  You can read my story here.

Learning to feel good while networking is a process.  It begins with the understanding Networking is relationship building.  Networking is not a competition for the best speaker or best comedian awards.

Quite simply networking is relationship building, something we do every day without thought.  Understanding this is the first step to believing ‘Networking can be easy.’

Figuring out what to say, where to say it and who to say it to can sometimes feel complicated or daunting.   Sometimes, one might have the words, but the thought of showing up – No Thank You!

I have clients who figuratively would prefer to have a root canal then show up at a virtual or in-person networking event.  If this is you, you are not alone.  There are lots of professionals who create great content and are incredibly good at what they do who have a difficult time sharing their message with the world. 

The Say YES to Introductions that Work self-study masterclass focuses on creating language that speaks to your ideal clients.  It addresses what to say and who to say it to.  I share the one thing I did that changed my networking journey.  I also include the 3 must haves to include in any introduction. 

The class is designed to meet one where they are in their networking journey.  You can read about it hereI invite you to enroll.

Introverted and sensitive professionals like myself approach networking in a unique and special way.  We are not the people sitting in the front row waving our arms screaming ‘Me, ME!”  We tend to not want to be seen. 

I help introverts and sensitive professionals learn to network in ways that feel good to them.  I have 20+ years working both sides of the table, representing my business and administering networking events.  I have seen what works and a few things that do not. I am also the proud owner of West Valley Women Networking Association, a successful organization that is in its 15th year of fostering business connections, networking opportunities and friendships for women in the community. 

Do you want to change your networking story?  Do you want to feel peaceful when networking?  Do you want networking to be easy?

The Say YES to Introductions That Work masterclass is a wonderful starting point.  One will learn to create an introduction that speaks to their ideal clients.  I invite you to enroll.

For those that want to go deeper and fast track to networking success, I invite you to schedule your Networking VIP Day.  I lead with a process that teaches skills.  Your special day is focused on your intentions and objectives. You will gain skills, so you feel comfortable showing up. You will learn to network in a way that feels good to you. Click here to enroll.

Take the first steps to changing your networking story and learn to feel peaceful when networking. 

Networking is an Art, a Skill and Can be Learned.