Be Prepared. Opportunities Exist When Least Expected.

Many networking functions focus around the concept, “Hello, my name is _____ and I can help you with ____.  I am looking for ____.“

It is easy to prepare for these types of events.

What happens when you are outside a networking function?

Opportunities exist when least expected.

I encourage you to always carry business cards,  Be prepared for new opportunities.

Over the weekend, I helped at a local event selling raffle tickets with another volunteer.  She and I did what women do best, chit chat, and got to know each other.  In the conversation, she asked “what do you do?”

I told her.  She asked me for my card then asked for a second card.

She’s retired.  Her husband started a part-time business because he was bored and only helps friends.

Neither she nor her husband are my ideal client.

She asked for my card because she thought of two people who might be interested in West Valley Women and how we can help each other.

I always carry business cards because I never know who I will meet.

Sometimes, we meet ideal clients when least expected.

Other times, we meet people who can connect us to them.

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