Virtual meetings haven’t changed the principals of networking.  Similar to the principals of marketing, the principals of networking are here to stay. How we show up is what has changed.  We now exchange our contact information in the Zoom Chat instead of physically exchanging business cards.  Events are held virtually.  Many are held via Zoom while others use different technology. 

If your favorite networking organization doesn’t have a virtual component, chances are they are not meeting.  Many have added programming and offer numerous opportunities for one to connect, engage and share. 

Take advantage of these opportunities.  Show up and share what is new and exciting. Think about what you want to say prior to logging on.  Share your contact information in The Chat.  Save The Chat and follow up with those you meet. 

If you are looking to freshen skills, or if showing up virtually feels overwhelming, let’s have a conversation.  A Networking ViP Day might be a good fit for you.