What is Success?

Success means different things to many people.

One might define success as the number in one’s bank account. Others may define success as feeling happy most of the time.

Darius Foroux’s article talks about prioritizing to feel successful. One does not need to sacrifice to achieve success. One need to prioritize their choices.

A quick google search defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

This explains why someone who has achieved $1 million in sales does not feel successful because their goal is $2.5 million. While someone else is celebrating because they paid an expense by the due date.

What does be successful mean to you?

Specifically, what does ‘Be Successful’ at networking mean to you?

For some of my clients, working through the anxiety and showing up at a networking function is success. Others, being able to work through the stress of speaking in public is success. “I gave my introduction, and everyone clapped. No one booed or dragged me off the stage.” Others define success as making 3 new connections.

I LOVE celebrating my client’s accomplishment with them.

If networking feels scary or icky to you, say and write these affirmations.

I network with confidence.
I am a confident networker.
I feel successful when networking.

If networking continues to not feel good to you, how can I help? Let’s have a conversation.

I help Introverts learn to network in a way that feels good to them. Learning to network is a process. Networking is a skill, an art, and can be learned.