You know networking is important to the growth of your business. You understand the importance of building business relationships. But, you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and FED UP  when attending events. Sometimes, it feels “So High School.” The popular girls are over there.


07I’ve been there, done that and literally built a career by assisting with registration.

I was so shy I did not know how to initiate a conversation. Yet, I knew how to follow a script. My first career was retail management. I excelled at knowing what to say and what to do when a potential customer walked through the door. I knew how to follow the company training manual.

It wasn’t until I founded my personal services company I learned networking skills. I volunteered to help with registration. Simply because it was something to do during the mix and mingle part of the program. I could follow the script. “Hello, welcome. . . here’s your nametag. It’s open seating. Lunch will be served at noon.” By helping with registration I didn’t have to make small talk.

hookI quickly mastered my 30-second introduction. I was so %#@*! SCARED of being dinged, gonged, or laughed off the stage. I was haunted by the image of being silenced by a GIANT GONG and being pulled off the stage by a GIANT HOOK.

It wasn’t until I founded my personal services company I learned how to initiate conversations. I admit. I was way more comfortable listening, occasionally asking questions or commenting on something someone else said. Looking back, I completely understand why some of the first people I met suggested I go to Toastmasters.

I had to learn the Art of Networking, how to build relationships in order to grow my business.

I have 20+ years’ experience working both sides of the table, networking my business and administrating networking events. I’ve seen what works.

I can help YOU Master the Art of Business Networking.

Here are some of the ways I can help.

  • Say YES to Introductions that Work  Home Study Class.

    Learn the 3 Must Haves to include in your 30-second introduction, and how to create an introduction that speaks to your ideal clients.  Gain skills you can use today during Zoom calls and at in person meetings.

    Work at your own pace.  The class includes a workbook and recording. Learn more!

  • Networking VIP Day Package.

    Your special day will be tailored specifically to your desires, focused on resolving your biggest networking challenge.  Your VIP Day Package includes the support you need.

    🔹A one hour follow-up coaching session
    🔹2 Business Bliss Accountability Session packages (8, 15-minute sessions)
    🔹Say YES to Introductions That Work home study class

    Learn more!

  • Business Bliss Accountability Sessions

    From Concept to Growth . . . Accountability Sessions will help one
    stay focused and move forward.

    How it Works:
    🔹Share Goal/Intention
    🔹Bounce Around Ideas
    🔹Set Action Item
    🔹Check in Next Week

    Learn more!

  • The Confident Networker Coaching Package

    Coming Soon!

Not sure where to start?  Let Lisa help you decide the path that best fits your needs.

Start today with a complimentary
30-minute strategy session.